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MyPlayer V1.2  

2010-03-20 15:11:04|  分类: 实用软件 |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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Watch the popular video service application, after a long time has finally received an update. The update brings a few updates sizable new channels added, patches and even a new format.
The application is still freeware, and because of that, he won several major awards. Last year, FreewarePocketPC gave the best multimedia app of 2009. " This title is not assigned to the app in their collection, and is therefore a great deal, and used the application. I can say it is well worth the time, memory and RAM.

The update includes:
> Added Hulu channels: The Cleveland Show, Scrubs, 24 and SNL
> Updated RTMP transcoding and connection via http for improved reliability
> Live TV feeds from the global index can now be added to Favourites
> A default content view can now be specified
> BBC Radio downloads are now saved in the mp3 format
> Various other minor bug fixes


Original Features:
- Choose your own media player – define how each stream is played (CorePlayer v1.3.6 is recommended)
- Full iPlayer integration – browse the Mobile content as you would from any other supported device (including the search feature)
- Download high quality BBC iPlayer episodes directly to your device for offline viewing
- Hulu support (beta) – watch a selection of your favourite cartoons
- Five On Demand – catch up with the latest content from Channel Five
- MSN Video – a further selection of streaming content from the UK
- SBS Australia – content from the Special Broadcasting Service*
- Live TV channels – watch the popular terrestrial channels live (BBC1, ESPN, Sky News, etc.)
- Extensive TV feed index – hundreds of live TV feeds from around the globe
- Live Radio stations – a selection of BBC broadcasts
- Custom TV / Radio stations – add your favourites
- Search History – tracks the most recent searches for easy access
- myPlayer streaming service – preconfigured VLC server to overcome connectivity issues (eg. blocked ports, non-UK region, etc.)
* The SBS channel requires a Flash player (the Adobe Flash Lite application is recommended)

Try out the update

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